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What system requirements do you suggest for the best viewing of this site ?
This site works the best when you use either Netscape 4.7 or Internet Explorer (IE) 5.x. You should also ensure that JavaScript, Java, Style Sheets and cookies are enabled on your system. Since every browser is different, you should consult the "Help" section of your browser for instructions on how to enable these functions.

The site also uses the Flash 5 plug-in. If it is not already installed on your computer, we recommend you download the flash plugin for optimal site viewing.

I dislike scrolling. What can I do to minimize srolling ?

You may want to adjust the appearance of your browser. By reducing the number of graphical menus or toolbars that appear in your browser, you effectively create more space for Web pages to be viewed. This reduces the amount of scrolling required when surfing the Web.

How do I optimize my AOL browser?

We suggest the following:

Go to My AOL at the top of the page.
Click "Preferences".
Click "WWW".
Under "Web Preferences", uncheck the "Use Compressed Graphics" box.
Under "Cache", select "Empty Cache Now".
Click "OK".
If you encounter problems with this and other sites after optimizing, we suggest you download Internet Explorer 5.x. Such problems are prevalent within AOL's proprietary browser solution.

What is the best monitor setting for viewing www.KSLC.net ?

We recommend configuring your monitor to 32-bit color (true color) at 1024 x 768 for the best quality visit to our site. Settings vary depending on the system you are using.


Go to the START menu, choose "Settings" and select "Control Panel".
Double-click DISPLAY and select "Settings".
Drag the slide bar in the SCREEN area until the numbers read 1024 x 768. Under COLORS, select "High Color" (32 bit).
Click "OK".

Under the "Apple" menu, select "Control Panels" and then "Monitors".
On the Monitor setting, under "Colors", select "Thousands" and 800 x 600.

When provided the option, we recommend restarting your computer with the new color settings. For more detailed instructions, please consult the documentation that came with your monitor.

The content of my page is not fully loaded. Is there a problem?
You may need to clear your cache. Your cache is a storage area on your computer. When you visit a Web site, the pages you view are stored in your cache. Thus, when you return to that page, your browser can quickly retrieve the file from your computer as opposed to having to find the same file again on the Internet.

Say you visit www.KSLC.net on Monday and Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. makes a change to the home page on Tuesday. You return on Wednesday. If you did not clear your cache, you may see Monday's version of the home page, as your browser will retrieve the home page from your cache. If your cache is cleared, you will see a version of the home page that was updated on Tuesday.

Consult the "Help" section of your browser for instructions on how to clear the cache on your computer.