The Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. provides observations, assessments and training services for our patients in their native land.  A child that has been previously evaluated by professionals at our Center benefits greatly from our professional(s) coming directly to their natural environment   to observe and assess their child’s needs in his or her own surroundings.

The TRAVELING STEP is also scheduled for those who have not been at our Center yet wish to avail themselves of our service.  A combination of assessments, HANEN training programs (time allotted), educational workshops, play consultations and trainings would be scheduled during the time desired.

PURPOSE of the “home” visit for those who have been at our Center:

There are many reasons for this visit to be scheduled.

  • Natural observation in the child’s home assists us in determining the appropriate goals necessary for our patients.
  • Natural observation in the child’s school assists our professionals in understanding the needs of the child in this important daily situation.
  • Formal observation of the child’s curriculum, the way the school operates and the teacher’s cooperation in working with our patient is imperative to designing and recommending a plan of action for our patient.
  • Formal meetings with other professionals involved in the child’s daily life allow us to operate as a team in designing an intervention program and therapy goals for our patient.
  • Formal professional sharing will broaden the services available to the patient.
  • Workshops and training sessions can be scheduled for professionals and/or parents in the area.
  • Assessing the child in the natural environment certainly gives a more genuine picture of the child’s strengths and abilities necessary in providing the ultimate decisions regarding intervention.

SERVICES for those individuals or groups who have not visited our Center:

The visit would be designed to fulfill the individual and or /groups desires for services they would like to schedule. For an individual child, the parents will send a 15-minute video (if possible) of their child eating, playing and at home or school prior to our visit.

The following services are a sampling of topics and/or services we are able to provide in the Traveling Steps.

  • Assessments of communication (English)
  • Oral Motor /Feeding Assessments
  • Assessment of Behavior
    • Creation of a behavior plan
    • Training for implementation of the plan
  • Assessment of Skill Development
    • Creation of a program plan
    • Training for implementation of the plan
  • Assessment of PLAY
    • Creation of play plan
    • Coaching of Play strategies
  • Presentations for Parents and Professionals
    • HANEN parent training
    • PLAY PROJECT parent coaching
    • Behavior Management Workshops
    • Systematic Training for Effective Parenting
  • Specific Presentations on Topics including (but not limited to)
    • Behavior Challenges
    • Communication development
    • Auditory Processing Challenges
    • Feeding Issues
    • Oral Motor Challenges


The amount of time necessary for our therapist(s) to be scheduled is determined by several factors.

  • Distance and convenience of the travel to the final destination
  • Desires of the parents in regards to services needed
  • Extent of training sessions (if desired) to be scheduled.

The time necessary to complete each project is decided upon through correspondence between the parents, our therapist and other professionals, if desired.  Once the correspondence is complete a minimum of two months is necessary to make all arrangements.



The parents and/or organization(s) hiring our Center to provide the services discussed will be responsible for the following.

  • Round trip airfare from Miami/Fort Lauderdale to final destination.  Business class tickets are required for flights over four hours in duration.
  • The host will pay for all taxes in and out of the country.
  • The host will arrange all transportation to and from the hotel.  If there is a fee involved for travelling the host will be responsible for the fee.
  • Times and days of the flights will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • If there is an overnight stay involved in our arrangement accommodations in a hotel will be made and is the responsibility of the host.
  • The host will be responsible for the cost of living expenses during the visit such as meals.
  • Any other extraneous expenses accrued due to being out of the country will be the responsibility of the host.
  • If a conference is requested any handouts to be distributed will be provided prior to arrival for the host to prepare for the guests.
  • The professional fee for services rendered by Wendy Nottoli (Developmental Speech-Language Pathologist, Oral Motor Therapist, Play Project Consultant, and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysis) is $1800.00 per eight-hour workday.  A two-day minimum is required.  Additional time for the consecutive days is billed as accrued.
    • Cost for travel days is $300.00 per day
  • The professional fee for services rendered by another professional staff member   is $1200.00 per eight-hour workday.  A one-day minimum is required.  Additional time for the consecutive days is billed as accrued.
  • Remuneration for services rendered is to be paid in US currency. Cash or credit is accepted.


  • The professional’s work will begin prior to arrival.  Prior preparation is considered a part of the hourly fee quoted for the workday.  Preparation includes but not limited to reviewing the records of the child, arranging and compiling any materials necessary for the consultation, preparing lectures as needed.
  • Provide the services as outlined prior to the arrival date.
  • Follow-up with a written report of findings and recommendations.
  • The professional and KSLC staff will be available via e-mail* to confer with professionals and parents in regards to the child following our consultation.

*Please note that if requests are considered to be more than the reasonable a consultative fee will be charged.  This would be agreed upon prior to execution.