STEPpin’ Out

What is Steppin’ Out?

Steppin’ Out is a program designed to help parents facilitate their child’s language and maintain appropriate behavior while out in public.  We schedule visits to the park, stores, restaurants, gym, or anywhere that you typically go on a regular basis.  The idea is to work on “real life” situations as they occur.

Who is involved in Steppin’ Out? 

The Steppin’ Out program is available to any of patients and their families who may be struggling with getting their child to behave acceptably in situations outside of the home.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, parents and/or caregivers, and the children are included in our sessions as needed.

How does Steppin’ Out work?

The parents contact the Center with their concerns, and an interview is scheduled to establish goals and determine where we would like to go.

Steppin’ Out goals?

  • Assist children in getting used to new environments frequented by their families
  • Assist parents in managing the child’s behaviors during outings

Requirements to begin:

  • Child is a patient of our Center
  • Parent interview

For Children & Adults

– Parents begin to learn how to maximize their interactions with their child

– Trained staff accompany parents and children for selected activities

– Perfect for time spent during vacations or school breaks