STEPpin’ In

The PARENTS STEPpin’ IN is designed as a training program for parents. A commitment by parents and significant others is crucial to a child’s ability to progress and learn the new skills the child is trying to learn. The staff of the Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. feels that involvement on the parent’s and part will provide them with the knowledge and confidence that they need to bring out the best in their child!

Who is involved?

Every parent whose child is receiving services for communication development is involved in PARENTS STEPpin’ IN.

When does this occur?

If your child is receiving special services at our Center you are always encouraged to observe through our one-way mirrors in order to learn what and how we are teaching your child. Additionally, you may schedule a specific appointment designed for you and your child to receive hands-on training.

If your child is participating in the FIRST STEP program, every week is PARENTS STEPpin’ IN day. During your observation time you will be invited to sit directly in the therapy room with us. You will be coached to work with your child.

Why is it important for a parent to participate in PARENTS STEPpin’ IN?

A parent’s involvement in their child’s therapy process is crucial to his overall development. It is imperative that the parents know what the professionals working with their child are trying to achieve, what their child can do and how the parent can get the same results at home. The parent’s support will mean that generalization outside the Center will happen!

For Children & Adults

– Parents begin to learn how to maximize their interactions with their child

– Trained staff accompany parents and children for selected activities

– Perfect for time spent during vacations or school breaks