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- Designed to identify potential problems that interfere with the child's social and academic success
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The speech screening is performed by certified and registered Speech and Language Pathologists and Speech and Language Therapy Assistants. Our therapists work with each child individually to screen for sound production, voice quality, fluency, social pragmatic skills and language expression.

If a concern is detected in any of the areas, our Speech and Language Pathologists call the parent, directly, to discuss the results and make any recommendations necessary. This may include sending the parent information about specific areas (how to manage voice difficulties or stuttering) or referring them to the specialists that would benefit the child.

Our hearing screening is two-fold. We test the child's hearing acuity using pure tone air conduction audiometry and impedance tympanometry.

Pure tone air conduction audiometry is a procedure designed to determine the levels of hearing acuity. We test the children from 500 to 8000 Hertz frequency levels to make the determination that the hearing acuity is normal.

Impedance Tympanometry is a procedure designed to assess the status of the middle ear. Using tympanometry we are able to determine if the child is suffering from middle ear pathology.

If a child does not pass our hearing screening, we speak to the parents directly to discuss the difficulties that we found and to refer them to their pediatrician for follow-up.

Using full scale telebinocular equipment, our trained staff screens the child for distance and close vision. We test for three different muscle sets - at distance and close range. In addition, we test the child for depth perception and color perception.

If the child does not pass our screening test, they are referred to their family eye doctor for further evaluation.

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