Next Step Summer Program

What is Next Step Summer Program?

The Next Step Summer program is designed to facilitate language development, social interaction, and academic support. This program is designed for children ages 4-7 to enhance their language and communication skills while also working on academic skills.

Who is involved in Next Step Summer?

All children and parents benefit from this program.  The ages of the children are 4 to 7 years functioning.

Our Next Step Summer staff includes trained teaching staff and certified Speech and Language Pathologists and Assistants who are involved on a daily basis.  Our music therapist works with the children on a weekly basis.  Our certified Yoga instructor creates fun activities for the children.

How does it work?

During program time children enjoy social and language groups, learn essential academic skills, have snack and lunch with their peers, engage in art projects, as well as develop play and interactive skills under the guidance of trained professionals.  Other activities include calendar time, story time, art time, handwriting, fieldtrips, water day and lots of fun!


Parents are invited to meet and discuss our summer topics the first and last week of camp.

What are the goals of Next Step Summer?

Our goals for this program include improving social interactions, expanding language and communication, improving academic skills, and giving the children the support to learn how to interact and follow the demands of a classroom. The Next Step Summer Program is based around a thematic unit to provide the children the ability to learn through meaningful activities.


A typical day at Next Step Summer targets the following goals:

  • Learning cooperative play
  • Learning to initiate and maintain play with peers
  • Participating in activities that encourage social interaction, problem solving, critical thinking and peer play
  • Learning to participate in group activities
  • Learning language and play skills involving typical peers
  • Learning calendar skills
  • Participating in language arts curriculum
  • Practicing handwriting skills
  • Student classroom management

What are the requirements to begin?

 A child referred for the Next Step Summer program:

  • Experiences challenges with communication and would benefit from professional guided interaction and/or
  • Experiences challenges with social interactions and/or
  • Experiences challenges with social communication and/or
  • Experiences challenges following the demands of a classroom
  • Needs improvement or support in the area of academics
  • Has difficulties with handwriting skills
  • Neurotypical children who would benefit from a smaller interactive setting and/or
  • Has been determined by our professional staff to benefit from this program