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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or other Developmental Challenges


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Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc.'s General Programs for Children are comprised of standard programs and services that have proven to be effective across a broad spectrum of Communication Disorders.

For information concerning our programs specially designed for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, click here.


Oral Motor Therapy:
Oral Motor Therapy is a regimen designed to be implemented with children who present with articulation disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders, hearing loss, muscle based phonological, and apraxia/dyspraxia disorders. It is a tactile teaching technique which is used in adjunct with traditional therapy methods used by our Speech-Language Pathologists.

Fast ForWORD:
Fast ForWord, using state-of-the-art technologies, is a revolutionary way to build the skills language learning impaired children need for listening, speaking, and learning to read. This comprehensive language-training program is designed to be a separate course of training that complements a child's regular learning schedule.

Internet and CD-ROM-based, the program features cutting-edge computer exercises and an Internet community that brings together professionals, parents, and children with language-learning impairments with technical and customer support representatives, and the rapid analysis of a continuously updated data that tracks each child's progress.

Academic Tutoring:
Academic Tutoring is provided for children from 3 years and older to assist them in developing those skills necessary to be successful in their academic worlds. A multi-sensory tutoring program is designed and scheduled on a one-to-one basis and individualized to meet your child's specific needs.

Step Up:
The Step Up program is designed for those children who are preparing for successful inclusion in to the Kindergarten world.

Special Steps:
Our Special Steps program is offered at our Center and is designed for families locally and abroad desiring a short or long term intensive therapy for their child. Each individaully designed program may include speech, language, oral motor, music, occupational, and/or behavioral therapies.

Speech & Language Therapy/Assessment:
Speech and Language Therapy is recommended in order to assist the child in becoming as effective a communicator as is possible. The Speech and Language specialists are focused on modifying the speech and/or language disorder. The results of successful intervention are in the child's being able to use the forms and functions of language to reach this goal. Effective intervention is well planned and child specific.

HAP stands for Home After Program. HAP is designed to integrate the generalization of information and communication learned during the FIRST STEP program to other environments in which the child lives and plays.



Myofunctional Therapy:
Myofunctional Therapy is a regimen designed to correct orofacial muscle imbalance and abnormal swallowing patterns. Dental practitioners have long been concerned about the effect of the dental form on orofacial muscle function and the function of the orofacial muscles on dental form. This concern has extended into every facet of dentistry and speech pathology because of the interrelationship between the orofacial muscle imbalance with successful orthodontic treatment and successful speech sound correction.

Interactive Metronome:
The Interactive Metronome® is a computer-based technology that enables individuals to directly exercise and improve the processes of motor planning and sequencing. Motor planning and sequencing problems are commonly part of a variety of developmental and learning challenges, including developmental verbal dyspraxia and other motor problems, language difficulties attentional challenges, different types of cognitive problems, and a range of sensory integration challenges.

Occupational Therapy:
Pediatric Occupational Therapy is provided for children by an Occupational Therapist. The role of the Occupational Therapist is to assist and guide children to function optimally in their major roles (known as occupations) in life. The child's "occupation" is directly related to their age.

Next Step:
Our Next Step program is a language-pragmatic stimulation program designed to enhance speech, language, and communication development in a natural, supportive environment.

Screening Programs:
Our Speech, Hearing and Vision Screening programs are specifically designed to detect potential problems which can interfere with a child's academic and social performance.
The program is comprised of a series of comprehensive screenings that can identify high-risk candidates and put them on the right track toward being successful in their academic and social worlds.

Over the past twenty years literacy research has resulted in conclusively proving that phonological awareness is the best predictor of success in reading. The ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of language can be developed through systematic instruction.

The Earobics program features sophisticated adaptive technology, which focuses on developing early literacy skills in children. The results show significant improvement in children's ability to read, spell and stay focused.