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Oral Motor Therapy is a regimen designed to be implemented with children who present articulation disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders, children with hearing loss, muscle based phonological, and apraxia/dyspraxia disorders. Oral Motor Therapy helps to improve the muscle movement which is crucial to improving the sound production of the individual.

Traditional therapy methods for improving sound production are important to teach the individual with a sound production disorder to improve the intelligibility of their speech. This is performed by teaching the individual where to put their tongue, lips, and teeth, and how to use their voice to make the sound appropriately. Traditional therapy is performed using auditory and visual techniques. By including oral motor therapy which is a tactile teaching technique, we focus on improving muscle awareness, placement, and strength.

Oral motor therapy includes exercises performed to work on respiration, phonation, and articulation. These are implemented using specific exercises for the tongue, lip, and jaw. Horn blowing therapy and straw therapy are an integral part of our regimen for Oral Motor Therapy.

The therapists at the Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. have discovered the invaluable need for Oral Motor Therapy in adjunct to our traditional therapy methods.

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