Behavioral Services

Behavioral Services offered at Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc.


Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. offers Behavior Management services for our patients and their families.  Included in these services are:

  • Behavior Management Workshops
  • Behavior Boot Camp for Parents- Behavior One to One
  • Home and  School Observations
  • Behavior management plan implemented in school and home
  • Provision of ABA/VB in our Center
  • Steppin’ Out- community based guidance



Behavior Management Workshops:  These sessions are presented by our Director,   Wendy Nottoli and our Behavior Analysts.  The workshops are designed to teach parents about Behavior Management; help them to learn and perform data collections on behaviors to be changed; learn strategies to change the behaviors and implement the changes under the guidance and direction of our Board Certified   Behavior staff.

Behavior Boot Camp: This is an intensive lecture and coaching format that is designed to work with parents and their child through direct guidance of our professional staff.  The BBC is tailored to the parent’s needs.

Home and School Observations: One of our Board Certified   Behavior staff will initially meet with you to discuss your concerns.  Formal observations will be scheduled at home and/or at school to obtain empirical data.  This will be followed with a meeting between those involved in your child’s daily life. A Behavior management plan implemented in school and/or home is part of our follow-up to the observations made. Specific plans are designed, discussed and implemented.

ABA/Verbal Behavior:  Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior is designed as an intensive one-to-one goal implementation program.  Each ABA/VB program is designed to meet the individual needs of the child.  The child learns how to focus and pay attention, develop self-help skills, and experience the joy of communicating with others.  The child learns the key early language skills such as joint attention, imitation, and turn taking.  The child receiving ABA/VB will work with a trained TECHnician who will implement the program designed for the child by our professional staff. Children eligible for these services are receiving other services at our Center.  This allows us to be able to monitor appropriately.

Steppin’ Out is a program designed to help parents facilitate their child’s language and maintain appropriate behavior while out in public.  We schedule visits to the park, stores, restaurants, gym, or anywhere that you typically go on a regular basis.  The idea is to work on “real life” situations as they occur.



To participate in any of our behavior services call our Center for information on fees, and procedures for setting the services up for you and your family.