What is HANEN®?

The HANEN Programs for Parents® are a family-focused approach to language intervention with children.  The programs address the importance of parents’ participation in the intervention process, and the need to provide services to families as early as possible

Who is Involved in HANEN®? 

The HANEN Programs for Parents are run and guided by certified Speech-Language Pathologists who are certified as a HANEN® Parent Trainer.

Any parents whose child is experiencing a delay in communication development, play and interaction.

What are the goals of HANEN®? 

Parental involvement is widely accepted as the most effective method of language intervention for infants and young children.  We know that parents can be their child’s best facilitators when they maximize language-learning opportunities that arise in everyday situations.  Parents want the best for their child and are highly motivated to take the extra time and effort to foster their child’s development.  At the same time, parents experience many strong emotions as a result of their child’s communication delay.

Bearing these factors in mind, three broad aims of the HANEN Programs for Parents® are:

  • Education – to help parents gain a better understanding of how children develop language and of the conversational strategies which will promote their child’s language development
  • Application – to provide opportunities for parents to practice these conversational strategies under the guidance of HANEN® staff
  • Support – to give parents opportunities to share ideas, issues, and concerns with other parents who are in similar situations


How does HANEN® work?

HANEN Programs for Parents® are scheduled throughout the year at our Center.  The program is either group or scheduled as an individual, one to one family program.  Individual scheduled video taped and feedback sessions are scheduled time during the course.  These sessions allow learning to be personalized because the focus is placed entirely on each parent and his or her particular situation.

There are different HANEN® programs that may be recommended.  These include:

  • It Takes Two to Talk – Parents can contribute to teaching their child how to communicate. This program is designed for children up to six years of age who are not communicating effectively.  This program teaches parents strategies that can be used throughout the day and skills that will result in communication.
  • More Than Words – For children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, communication is just as important as it is with all children. Special challenges make this more difficult for the child and their families.  This program trains parents of children with ASD to interact and communicate using opportunities that occur incidentally or naturally through the day.

Do all children receive individual therapy sessions by our Professional Staff?

Our Professional Staff is available to work with children and their parents providing individual therapy, group and/or special programing designed for their children.  The need for these services is determined by the recommendations made by the child’s professional team.

What are the requirements to begin? 

A parent referred for the HANEN Programs for Parents® has a child with delays in communication and parents desiring to do more for their child.