Saturday Fun

What is Saturday Fun?

The Saturday Fun program is designed to facilitate social interaction, language development, yoga,and a range of active and restful activities. It is a program designed to let our children have fun on a Saturday afternoon with their friends!

Who is involved in Saturday Fun?

Children who are experiencing challenges with social interaction and/or need some guidance in play and relaxing would enjoy participation in Saturday Fun.Neurotypical peers are a part of our program and benefit from the activities scheduled. The ages of the children range from five years to ten years. Our Saturday Fun staff includes our trained staff, yoga instructor,and music therapist.

How does it work?

The program meets on Saturday from 12:00pm until 2:30 pm. During this time the children have social lunchtime with their peers(families will provide a lunch and a drink). Special activities are planned each Saturday.

What are the goals of Saturday Fun?

The goal of the program is designed to provide our children with fun language development activities that will encourage social interaction as well as providing our children with an opportunity to interact with others in order to feel more confident in a natural environment.

A typical day in Saturday Fun targets the following goals:

  • Learning cooperative play
  • Learning to initiate conversation with peers
  • Learning to participate in a group
  • Learning language and play skills involving typical peers
  • Participating in sensory integration experiences such as yoga